Private data protection statement

We, the company Tanganika-Moba, appreciate your visit on our home page and you interest in our company and in our products. For us is your data protection very important and therefore, we would like to inform you, which datas are kept for system and statict purposes by the company tanganika-moba.

Usage of our web pages

You can open our internet page and our stocklist, without any need of inserting you personal data. Your personal data, will be saved only, when you will decide to provide it, i.e. in case of registration, questionaire, pricecompetition, information query or order, or for closing and realisation of agreements/contracts.

In all cases our web server is storing the IP address, which have been assigned to you, by your internet serviceses provider. These information cannot be bent to a concrete person and therefore the identification of the user remains unknown.

The storage of these data is used only for the system and statistic purposes. Merging of the stored  data with other data base sources, trhough which it could be possible to connect the data to a concrete person is not in our intention.

Collection, storage and usage of the personal data.

In case that you will get in touch with us, because you will have i.e. some question or  you will have interest  to receive our offer and so on, it will be necessary to provide us your personal data, which should help us to answer your question or react on your query.  According to the type of your query we will need information as for example; your name, address, name of your company, your e-mail address, your phone number and also your query (text of your message).

Your above mentioned personal data will be stored in our company tanganika-moba only for the purposes of full-filling of your queries and demands. This means for realisation of the agreements, which will be closed with you and to answer all of your questions.

Your personal data will be in no case provided to third parties, without your authorization, only in the case were the company tanganika-moba will be asked by legal authorities to provide them, for the their purposes or for the purposes of agreement closure or for full-filling of your demands. Here we can come to the situation, where we will need to forward your contact data to our forwarders, in order to deliver you your orders.


If you should have got any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can contact us any time. You have the right to ask us about your presonal data stored by us, such as the origin of the informations and informations about the recievers and also about the purpose of their processing.  You have also the right to ask us for the deletion of your personal data stored by us; company tanganika-moba. In this case we have to ask you to contact the following contact person:

Ján Komár, tanganika-moba
Borhyho 13
984 01 Lučenec

Tel.No.: +421 903 630 046