The African Cichlids, our Way

We have more than 20 years experience in the African Cichlids breeding

I devote to the breeding of aquarium fishes from my childhood. My friend brought me to the breeding of the African cichlids in 1987, I still cooperate with him. I went through various phases of their breeding, from Malawi till Tanganika, which charmed me.

I am active in this hobby up to today. The fishes those I have bred gradually changed. In the gallery are fishes that have passed through our farm. I have visited many breeders in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. I have picked up valuable knowledge and experience of the fish breeding. Then I have decided to build a breeding farm, based on my vision and so I have fulfilled my childhood dream. The breeding farm has currently 264 aquariums in the volume of about 60 000 liters.

My heart says me, that it is great, when you live your dream and for this I have to thank my tolerant wife Katarina and my two sons.

Warning !!!!

Tanganika-moba never advert fishes on advertising pages and the payments of the orders are done only, when the fishes are handed over.


We have brought

Website update: 15.08.2017

Nová ponuka Divokých rýb,import začiatkom septembra !!!!!

na základe požiadaviek zákazníkov spúšťame novú službu, dodávky divokých ryb z jazera Malawi.
Aktuálny zoznam Nájdete na stránke Divoké Ryby.
Pre bližšie informácie nás kontaktujte prostredníctvom emailu alebo telefonicky.

Auf Grund der Kundenanfragen fangen wir mit einer neuen Dienstleistung. Wir bieten Lieferungen von wildgefangenen Fischen aus Malawi an.
Wir senden die actuelle Stockliste auf Anfrage.
Fur mehr Details, bitte schreiben Sie uns per Email oder rufen Sie un an.

based on cutomers request we are starting a new service delivery of wild caught fishes from Malawi.
We are sending the actual stock list on request.
Detailed information to be discussed via e-mail or on phone.