Terms and conditions of the server usage

Administrator, general conditions of the server usage

Ján Komár, tanganika-moba
Borhyho 13
984 01 Lučenec

TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK is free to use to all users. In the case, that some of the services or parts will be charged applications, the user will be visibly informed.

It is forbidden to edit, modify or interfere, the content of the server TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK, modify it through various scripts. The pages TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK can be displayed and printed only for not commercial purposes and the user agree, that the content of the page will be not distributed, reproduced, resent, otherwise distributed, sold, published, broadcasted or otherwise distributed to other persons or parties, without a written permission of the owner of the project. It is not allowed to copy any part of the web page.

The pages of TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK or any other part of the server TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK must not be used by other person or a third party, without previous written permission to making profit of it. The user must not offer to his clients the pages of web page TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK as his owns. The requiring of any charges (including handling fees or expenses) from the third parties for the usage of the products offered within the scope of the project TANGANJIKA-MOBA.SK, without a previous written permission is an unlawful act and the third party will bring his self to a court and juristic processes.

The user must not misuse the web pages for his profit making, the user must not misuse the web pages also for his own advertisement, searching or offering job opportunities for other people.

The user has no right to claim any losses caused by malfunction or wrong availability of the services, error, loss (delete) of the entry or content of the web page (texts, photos, files etc...), potential information leak of the users accounts, or any other reason as a consequence of the service usage. Administrator of TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK will try to take care about the reliability and security of the services.

Warranties, liability for damages

Each user enters the portal of TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK and uses it at his own risk. TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK is not responsible for any damage, whether direct or indirect in connection with the use of the server TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK, nor for damages resulting from partial or total non-functioning of the server TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK.

TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK is not responsible or cannot guarantee for the accuracy, of the content or for the form of advertisement published on the server TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK and cannot guarantee for the obligations of persons those
offers are (or will be) in the form of advertisements posted on the server TANGANIKA-MOBA.SK.

In Lucenec, 15.12.2011.